Variable Autotransformer

Yu Hseng offers 'Variac' style (someone called Slidac style) variable Transformers with ratings from 120V to 23KVAC - 1 to 40 Amps. Available as either single or three phase solutions

What is variable autotransformer?

    An autotransformer is an electrical transformer with only one winding. The "auto" (Greek for "self") prefix refers to the single coil acting on itself and not to any kind of automatic mechanism.  Variable autotransformer means an autotransformer can be adjusted output voltage range. (ref: Wikipedia)

“Variac”, “Slidac”, “Adjustable voltage regulator”…What’s the different??

     There are several different names for the same component

Variac : It is a trademark name of a variable autotransformer from WWII, and become generic none for
             hand-variable autotransformers in general especially in USA)
Slidac: Slidac is generic none of variable autotransformer in Asia region
Adjustable voltage regulator: This is the function of variable autotransformer in some application
Adjustable (auto) transformer: This is characteristic description of variable autotransformer

 ⇒There are also other different words for the same component: variable autotransformer

Product description

►The terrific design and assembling convert input voltage to output without waveform distortion even very the
    high voltage
►Multi-model lineup meets the varied industry requirements
►Handy and compact design for easy installation
►All products are examined by complicate QC test

Product features

♦Adjusts input AC voltage output target voltage continuously and efficient heat dissipation
♦High quality brush is used to provide long life time for frequent adjustment as well as minimize the spark and
  contact resistance
♦The outstanding synthetic resin of knob and shaft perform well insulation
♦Each coil has pass t prevention test to prevent damage due to high temperature
♦International quality standard and customize are available
%When using variable transformer for special purposes, please consult us in advance.