Trochoid Gear Pump

Product Features

Ø  Trochoid Oil Pump: Rotary Oil Pump, Triangular oil pump or Oil circulation pump is the same product
Ø  1/4 HP Horizontal Motor with one piece formed shaft reduce the Torrance
Ø  Adjustable output flow provide suitable pressure
Ø  It can be applied widely for lubricating or cooling in various machines, such as CNC machines, knitting machines and planning machines.
Ø  Standard model is clockwise. Please remark on order while request anti-clockwise one
Ø  Special request on assembling with reservoir or cyclic inlet or motor with fan, and customize flow are available
Ø  The suitable oil viscosity is R32~68cSt @ 40 ℃ and suitable operating temperature is 0℃ ~ 90℃.